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SK Bike Tours is a subsidiary of  
SK Tours in Nature LTD.
SK Bike Tours leads organized private groups on multi-day mountain bike tours in Israel. SK provides a professional and fun way for bike riders of all levels to explore the authentic Israel. With over 30 years experience leading adventure tours in nature, you can rest assured that every detail of your outdoor bike vacation is taken care of.

SK Bike Tours is run by and for those who truly love nature. Among the first to explore and develop trekking routes in the high mountain range of the Sinai desert in the 1970’s, 
SK guides bring decades of outdoor knowledge and skill to your mountain bike adventure tour in Israel. Discover the Israeli outdoors with the most experienced desert guides in the region.

As you travel across Israel you will encounter a mosaic of historic, religious and culturally significant locations. Every river, rock and hillside is steeped in rich meaning. We share our love and knowledge of the region as you learn about its history, inhabitants, geology, and wildlife. Our intimate knowledge of nature and history enables us to design a tour tailor-made for your group’s particular interests.

We believe hiking and mountain biking enable a special connection between people and the environment. What better way to get to know Israel that to get outdoors and tread on her ancient soil? Encounter remnants of the ancient Nabatean civilization as you pedal across the Negev desert. Bathe in the sparkling aqua sea of Caesarea, as Herod the Great once did.

Your outdoor adventure in Israel is a once in a lifetime experience. We use our personal knowledge of the region to arrange all necessary logistics. You will stay at scenic boutique hotels, nourish yourself with fresh Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy the sunshine at the pool or beach. SK Tours takes care of all the necessary logistics so your group can enjoy everything Israel has to offer at a relaxed pace with plenty of free time.

SK Bike Tours is committed to enjoyable, safe outdoor tours. Our dedicated, highly professional team of guides makes the wellbeing of all group members top priority. All rides are accompanied by an all-terrain vehicle equipped with a bike technician, spare parts and replacement bikes. Our long track record of safe, fun outdoor adventures is a testament to our values and expertise.



Tzachi Kedar
Co-manager of SK Bike Tours and 
SK Tours in Nature

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Tzachi’s love affair with the desert began in 1975 when he first discovered the Sinai wilderness. He soon became one of the first guides in the region, helping to develop mountain trekking routes. Through decades of outdoor exploration, in the field and in administration of numerous groups, Tzachi has witnessed how hiking and biking in nature create a unique opportunity for all types of connections; between the individual and his natural surroundings, within ourselves and amongst the people with whom the experience is shared.


Georg Roessler
Co-manager of  SK Tours in Nature

A native of Germany, Georg has lived in Israel for the 
past 20 years.
With his Christian background and a master degree in Jewish Studies he experiences both the German-Israeli and
Christian-Jewish dialogue on a daily basis. 
Georg designed programs and worked as a tour-guide for political study groups and modern pilgrimage over the last
25 years. 
As founder and chairperson of  the Israel-German-Forum in Jerusalem and Founder and Co-director of  'SOS-Violence/Center for Violence Studies in Israel', he offers unique insight and understanding of Israeli society. 
Georg and his family make their home in Jerusalem.


Matty Klopper
Co-manager of SK Bike tours

Matty joined SK Bikes following a long career as Marketing and Business Development director. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Matty has been an avid mountain biker for 15 years. In that time, he has personally tested just about every single track and dirt trail Israel has to offer. From the hills of the Galilee in the north, down the Jordan valley, and across the Judean desert and the Negev, Matty is always discovering hidden treasures in the Israeli landscape.


Assaf Amichai

Assaf is a seasoned bike pro and co-founder of the Geofun Center for Desert Biking. Over the past five years, he has explored and developed new and exciting trails in the vast Negev desert. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the region’s natural beauty and wildlife, Assaf lives with his family at the Ben Gurion Desert Research Institute.


Gil Baran

Gil is a certified veteran mountain bike guide and co-founder of the Geofun Center for Desert Biking. A first-rate bike technician and manager of a professional bike workshop, Gil keeps all equipment running smoothly. Even though he spends long hours in the bike shop, Gil never misses out on the year-round sunshine to hit the trails and work on his deep desert suntan. Gil and his family make their home at the Ben Gurion Desert Research Institute.


Oded Shaham

Oded is a veteran mountain bike guide and founder of the Gal-Galil Center for Bike Adventures in Nature. A graduate of the School for Environmental Education, Oded leads desert trips and outdoor survival workshops at Sde Boker. He also spent memorable time working on a horse and cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains. A true Israeli biking activist, he serves as a mountain bike infrastructure consultant to KKL and the Ministry of Tourism. Oded makes his home in the Galilee village of Shadmot Dvora.


Ron Gilad

Ron is an experienced mountain bike guide who has spent the last five years dedicated to leading group bike tours. Ron leads dozens of enthusiastic participants on beautiful rides in the Galilee region every week. He is head of both instruction and equipment & operations at the Gal-Galil Center for Bike Adventures in Nature. In his spare time, he has biked across Israel several times, competed in numerous mountain bike tournaments and practices the art of harmony and teamwork by riding tandem both off-road and on. Ron makes his home in Yifat.