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Duration: 10 days
Biking Days: 7 days
KM Per Day: 20-30
Is this route for you?
Technical level: easy-intermediate
Physical Level: intermediate
95% dirt roads. Some single tracks
English speaking guide: All days
Ideal periods: March-June and September-November
Difficulty Level

A 10 day bike tour of Israel's cultural and natural wonders 
from north to south
Israel is the ideal country for bike touring – a wide variety of natural landscapes, archeological ruins and historic sites are all packed into an incredibly small area, making it possible to see it all in just 10 days. This tour starts in the green hills of the northern Galilee region. From there we travel down to Jerusalem and enjoy both the old and new cities and the surrounding hills. Next we explore the breathtaking Judean Desert and bathe in the magical waters of the Dead Sea. The tour will finish up with an exciting visit to the modern and vibrant Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv.
Day 1: Arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport.
From the airport drive north to the Kibbutz Lavi hotel in the Lower Galilee.
Day 2: Galilee & Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) We start the day with a brief foot tour of Kibbutz Lavi and then head out for a day of riding to Karnei Hittin, the site of a historic 1187 battle between the light-footed Egyptian forces lead by Salach Al-Din and heavily armored Crusaders. Next we will ride down to Nebi Shaoub (burial site of the prophet Jethro), a most holy site to the Druze people. Then we will ascend the peak of Mt. Arbel and enjoy a view of the entire Galilee and Northern Kinneret, the location of Nazareth, Capernaum and many of the most important places in the life and work of Jesus. From Mt. Arbel we will descend to the shores of the Kinneret. A short drive will take us to our shore side hotel. In the afternoon we will tour by bus the Capernaum area.
Day 3: Golan Heights
Drive to the northern most point in Israel and then bike through the Hula Valley and the Banias and Dan streams, tributaries of the Jordan River.  We will stop and take a pleasant walk in the Tel Dan nature reserves. Next the bus will pick us up and take us on a tour of sites in the Golan Heights. We will stop for a dip and dinner at the ancient El-Hama baths. Return to the hotel.
Day 4: Nachal Tzipori
Bike through the green fields alongside the Nachal Tzipori stream and visit historical and archeological sites from the Talmudic period, when this area was a center of Jewish spiritual activity. After lunch in Nazareth we will drive to Jerusalem to our picturesque hotel near Jaffa gate at the entrance to the Old City.
Day 5: Jerusalem – Sacred to Profane
We’ll start out at Jaffa gate and ride along the ramparts of the old city to an area Gat Semanim churches, where Jesus spent the last day of his life. Next we’ll take a scenic route up to the Mount of Olives for an expansive view of both the old and new cities of Jerusalem. We will make a descent to the Kidron stream by way of Yad Avshalom, the city of David, to the Ben Hinom valley. We will ride by way of the Abu Tor neighborhood to reach the Sherover promenade and take in the breathtaking views of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 6: Jerusalem by Foot
Start the day with a comprehensive tour of the Old City on foot. Wander through the ancient stone alleyways, walk the historic steps of the Via Dolorosa, and visit several churches that remain active to this day.  Finish up the walking tour by visiting the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter and the Arab street bazaar. In the evening drive to our next hotel in either Arad or the Dead Sea.
Day 7: Judean Desert
From the hotel we will set out by bike to Nachal Himar. We will ride desert paths along the ridge of Nachal Himar and take in the breathtaking wild landscape, along the way encountering desert plants and wildlife. Here we discover the special attributes of desert people. A quick car ride will deliver us for an afternoon of rest and rejuvenation at the healing Dead Sea spas. Return to hotel for dinner.

Day 8: Southern Judean Desert
Ride the ridge of Nachal Partzim and enjoy expansive desert views as far as the Flour cave and Amioz plain. A short walk brings us to the Mt. Sodom vista point for a spectacular view of the Dead Sea. Riding back to Nave Zohar thru  the beautiful canyon of Nahal Sodom. In the evening we will enjoy a traditional Arab feast at the Darjet tribe camp.
Day 9: Tel Aviv
Drive towards Tel Aviv and enjoy a great bike ride through Tel Afeq alongside the tributary of the Yarkon River. As we enter the city the river becomes the heart of a spacious urban park that leads all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The bustling boardwalk spans from northern Tel Aviv southward to the ancient port city of Jaffa.
Enjoy a celebratory meal at a Tel Aviv restaurant. Spend the night in Tel Aviv.
Day 10: Shuttle to Ben Gurion Airport & Flight Home
Bon Voyage!