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Duration: 8 days
Biking Days: 5 days
KM Per Day: 20-30
Is this route for you?
95% dirt roads. Some single tracks
English speaking guide: All days
Ideal periods: March-June and September-November
Difficulty Level

An 8 day bike tour of Jerusalem and the surrounding Judean desert
Jerusalem – a city both ancient and new is situated between the fertile Judean hills and arid Judean desert.  On this tour we will reach the rich cultural and historical treasures of the city that is held holy to all three monotheistic faiths as well as the serenity and wild beauty of the Judean desert that wanders all the way down to the Dead Sea. Bike touring will enable us to explore the alleyways through the Old City, the hidden paths around the city walls and the surrounding mountains.
On the days spent in the desert, we will ride alongside dried riverbeds and experience the enormity of the desert canyons and likewise, the remarkable smallness of man within this vast and magical landscape.
Day 1: Arrival
SK Bike Tour vehicle will gather your group from the airport and bring them to a scenic hotel in Jerusalem. Here you will meet your guides and get ready for your adventure.
Day 2: Jerusalem – Sacred to Profane
We’ll start out at Jaffa gate and ride along the ramparts of the old city to an area Gat Semanim churches, where Jesus spent the last day of his life. Next we’ll take a scenic route up to the Mount of Olives for an expansive view of both the old and new cities of Jerusalem. We will make a descent to the Kidron stream by way of Yad Avshalom, the city of David, to the Ben Hinom valley. We will ride by way of the Abu Tor neighborhood to reach the Sherover promenade and take in the breathtaking views of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea. Dinner at the hotel.
Day 3: Jerusalem among the Hills
Spend a day biking in the Judean Hills around Jerusalem. Our route will take us through the hills to the villages, forests and natural springs of the Judean hills. We will encounter ancient agricultural sites and visit the churches and monasteries of the charming village of Ein Kerem. Return to the hotel for dinner.
Day 4: Jerusalem – Old City
Start the day with a comprehensive tour of the Old City on foot. Wander through the ancient stone alleyways, walk the historic steps of the Via Dolorosa, and visit several churches that remain active to this day.  Finish up the walking tour by visiting the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter and the Arab street bazaar.  In the evening we will drive south to the city of Arad, enjoying a view of the Judean Desert and Dead Sea along the way. Spend the night in Arad.
Day 5: Judean Desert
From the hotel we will set out by bike to Nachal Himar. We will ride desert paths along the ridge of Nachal Himar and take in the breathtaking wild landscape, along the way encountering desert plants and wildlife. Here we discover the special attributes of desert people. A quick car ride will deliver us for an afternoon of rest and rejuvenation at the healing Dead Sea spas. Return to hotel for dinner.
Day 6: more Judean Desert
Spend the morning riding along the southern edge of the Judean Desert.  Ride the ridge of Nachal Partzim and enjoy expansive desert views as far as the Flour cave and Amioz plain. A short walk brings us to the Mt. Sodom vista point for a spectacular view of the Dead Sea. . Riding back to Nave Zohar thru  the beautiful canyon of Nahal Sodom. Return to the hotel to rest and enjoy the pool. Dinner is a feast fit for kings in the picturesque Arab village Darjet. Spend the night in Arad.
Day 7: Desert Wilderness to Big City Lights
Drive to Tel Afeq (Antipatris Fort), the place of the biblical city of Afeq and the Herodian fort of Antipatris. From there we will ride alongside the Yarkon River and discover the delights of modern Tel Aviv’s urban Yarkon park and beach boardwalk. In the evening, enjoy a taste of Tel Aviv nightlife. Spend the night in Tel Aviv.
Day 8: Shuttle to Ben Gurion Airport & Flight Home
Bon Voyage!!