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Your bike or rental?

Rental bikes are available for all SK Bike tours. We offer high quality front-suspension mountain bikes for hire at a reasonable cost to save you the hassle involved with transporting your own bike by air.

If you choose to bring your own bike it must have the following features:
- mountain/terrain bicycle
- at least 21 speeds
- quick-release wheels

Your bike must be able to sustain the demands of rugged terrain. In order to insure an enjoyable trip, your bike should be thoroughly inspected. If you don’t happen to be a bike mechanic, please take your bike for a tune up by a certified technician before departure.

A minor repair or two is part of the course. Therefore, we carry with us the range of replacement parts and wrenches. If your bike requires unique tools or parts, you are responsible to bring those along as well.

Packing your bike for air travel

To insure safe travel for your bicycle, it should be packed in its original box. The same box will be used to pack the bike on your return trip, so please bring all necessary tape and packing materials. Please don’t try to minimize packing. Our experience has taught us that trying to pack light puts your precious bike at risk of serious damage during transport.

Packing guidelines:
- fully deflate tires (and brakes if suggested by manufacturer)
- detach front wheel and insert protective plastic
- insert a spacer between brake pads
- lower seat completely or remove
- adjust handlebars so they do not protrude
- detach pedals


Suitable equipment and clothing will help insure an enjoyable trip.
Equipment list (please alter according to season and climate conditions)
- bicycle
- 2 sets of short riding clothes
- 2 sets of long riding clothes
- warm, light clothing suitable for riding and touring/relaxing (synthetic material: fleece, thermals)
- camera
‘breathable’ rain coat
- helmet
- bike gloves
- bike shoes
- sandals
- comfortable walking shoes
- water carrier (minimum 3 liters capacity)
- sunglasses
- spare prescription glasses (for contact lens wearers)
- sun hat
- wool hat
- torch/ flashlight
- penknife
- sunscreen for skin and lips
- insect repellent
- small back pack for items you don’t want to ride with(MP3/IPOD, baiting suit, etc)
- toiletries
- towel


SK Bike and all its partner service providers carry professional insurance covering all their activities. Participants are responsible and strongly encouraged to take care of their own travel and baggage insurance*. Make sure that your policies are expanded to include outdoor adventure sport activities such as mountain biking.
* Please note that ordinary baggage insurance does not cover the true value of most mountain bikes.
It is customary in Israel to tip service providers such as your tour guide, your driver and your hotel's staff. It is recommended to take in consideration about $ 8 per person per day to satisfy all service providers.


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